Oct 2, 2007 at 5:55 pm
MOJITO, 2231 Holiday Manor Ctr., 425-0949. The small, attractive venue hasn’t been hard up for business since opening. Their Sunday brunch only costs a laughably modest $15.99 for three tables stuffed with Spanish cuisine, and it’s worth coming back for the desserts alone. (Reviewed 8/22; Rating: N/A)

ORIGINAL IMPELLIZZERI’S, 1381 Bardstown Rd., 454-2711. The return of Impellizzeri’s lives up the excitement, and Benny Impellizzeri hasn’t forgotten anything with a menu of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, pasta, calzones and piled-high Louisville pie. Expect a noisy crowd and long waits, but it’s definitely worth it. (Reviewed 8/22; Rating: N/A)

TREET’S BAKERY CAFÉ, 133 E. Market St., New Albany, Ind., (812) 945-5440, This cozy downtown eatery’s home-cooked lunches, baked treats and coffees make you feel as if you’re dining in Mayberry. Plus, its excellent breakfast buffet features just about everything you’d expect from your grandmother’s kitchen. (Reviewed 8/29, Rating: N/A)

SPEAKEASY, 225 State St., New Albany, Ind., (812) 981-0981, The Speakeasy was modeled after Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London, and it’s already being hailed as a winning addition to local dining-and-music venues. The bistro-style fare and New Orleans-inspired menu aren’t quite yet at the same level as the excellent music, though. (Reviewed 8/29, Rating: N/A)

CONNER’S PLACE, 207 E. Main St., New Albany, Ind., (812) 944-0207, A comfortable bar and grill in what locals still call the Maytag Building, Conner’s Place features mostly American menu essentials so you can kick back and relax over a pint. Lunch is served until 2 p.m., when a pub grub menu kicks in. (Reviewed 8/29; Rating: N/A)

VARANESE, 2106 Frankfort Ave., 899-9904, Owner and chef John Varanese recently opened this dining spot in the old Red Lounge location on Frankfort. Billed as “eclectic Mediterranean,” the menu offers an easy blend of down-home, the Med and around the world. (Reviewed 9/19; Rating: 85)

AUGUST MOON CHINESE BISTRO, 2269 Lexington Rd., 456-6569, Whether you go for the Malaysian dishes or prowl the East on August Moon’s eclectic menu, this 20-year-old eatery remains a favorite. Chef Peng Looi’s chicken satay, some of the best in town, derives from his native Malaysia. (Reviewed 9/26; Rating: 91)