May 6, 2008 at 5:52 pm
INCREDIBLE DAVE’S, 9236 Westport Rd., 426-4790, If you’re unfamiliar with Incredible Dave’s concept, imagine a Chuck E. Cheese on steroids, and with a bar. While the concept carries a touch of inspired brilliance, in practice there are flaws. (Reviewed 3/19/08; Rating: 74)

ANN’S BY THE RIVER, 149 Spring St., Jeffersonville, Ind., (812) 284-2667. This cafeteria-style restaurant lives up to its tag line: “Home-cooked food like Grandma used to prepare for Sunday dinner.” Many of the dishes really are based on recipes passed down through the Coomers family for generations. (Reviewed 4/2/08; Rating: 84)

BJ’S RESTAURANT AND BREWHOUSE, 7900 Shelbyville Rd., 326-3850, This 30-year-old Southern California chain has expanded to Louisville with the launch of a large brewhouse at Oxmoor Center. The menu features a broad range of sandwiches, salads, pastas, burgers, pizzas and a few more ambitious entrees like fish and shrimp tacos. (Reviewed 4/9/08; Rating: 78)

BOURBONS BISTRO, 2255 Frankfort Ave., 894-8838, Chef Michael Crouch offers thoughtful, creative dishes that may be rooted in down-home Ohio Valley flavors but travel around the world for inspiration. Bourbons Bistro is arguably bourbon whiskey’s No. 1 temple in the metro. (Reviewed 4/16/08; Rating: 89)

TACO BUENO, 2909 Highway 62, Jeffersonville, Ind., (812) 284-4073. Buzz has been generating around this new taco stand in Jeffersonville. In a considerable improvement over Taco Bell’s industrial-made salsas in plastic packets, Taco Bueno’s condiments bar offers freshly made salsas, pico de gallo, chopped onions, sliced jalapeños from the jar and fresh lemon wedges. (Reviewed 4/23/08; Rating: 75)

OISHII SUSHI, 2245 Bardstown Rd., 618-2829. Word of mouth has quickly built a good reputation for this new sushi shop in the Highlands, and it’s drawing crowds with its friendly, outgoing sushi chefs and wide selection of sushi treats. The menu offers a broad selection of both basic types of sushi, nigiri-zushi and maki-zushi. (Reviewed 4/30/08; Rating: N/A)

HANABI SUSHI & JAPANESE CUISINE, 6027 Timber Ridge Dr., 228-8244. Hanabi Sushi is just down the strip from the Prospect Bristol Bar & Grille. The extensive menu offers fare that is fresh and competently prepared. (Reviewed 4/30/08; Rating: N/A)