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Dec 24, 2008 at 6:00 am

Olivia’s Restaurant, Goss Avenue Antique Mall, 946 Goss Ave., 409-6160. Located at the back of the cavernous Goss Avenue Mall, this restaurant is somewhat upscale, both in decor and menu, although just about everything is attractively priced at $10 or less. Choice menu items include fried green heirloom tomatoes and peanut butter pie. (Reviewed 10/7/08; Rating: 72)

 De la Torre’s, 1606 Bardstown Rd., 456-4955, Recently the restaurant responded to customer demand (with one eye on the sinking economy) and shifted the menu over to an all-tapas list. The new menu offers more than three dozen small plates to choose from. (Reviewed 10/22/08; Rating: 94)

 Sage Indian Restaurant & Bar, 4123 Oechsli Ave., 896-0025. Replacing the short-lived Royal India Palace, Sage Indian has mostly remained the same. Featuring standard Northern Indian dishes, the expansive menu has more than 60 dinners — about one-fourth of them vegetarian — as well as appetizers, breads and soups. (Reviewed 11/5/08; Rating: 72)

 Shady Lane Café, 4806 Brownsboro Ctr., 893-5118, This friendly East End spot has long been a favorite for breakfast and lunch and stays open for dinner Tuesday through Fridays. Each night offers a different dinner special, which ranges in price from $3.95-$6.95. (Reviewed 11/5/08; Rating: 87)

 Seviche A Latin Restaurant, 1538 Bardstown Rd., 473-8560, After the recent closing of the East End location, the original Seviche A Latin Restaurant in the Highlands is going strong. The highlights on Chef Anthony Lamas’ menu include an appetizer of arepas, traditional Mahi Mahi tacos and Atun de Chefe, the tuna special of the day. (Reviewed 11/12/08; Rating: 95)

 Napa River Grill, 1211 Herr Ln., Westport Village, 893-0141, This popular spot, which has built a loyal following over nearly a decade, recently moved to new quarters in Westport Village. If consistency is a virtue, Napa scores, managing in the multiple rooms of the larger new facility to remain rooted in the same California wine-country style that informed the original. (Reviewed 12/10/08; Rating: 84)

 Bombay Grill, 216 N. Hurstbourne Pkwy., 425-8892, Yet another in the growing cadre of Indian restaurants, Bombay Grill is a stylish new arrival in the Forum Center. The highlight is an exceptionally fine and affordable lunch buffet. (Reviewed 12/17/08; Rating: N/A)