A drinking game for the first presidential debate

Sep 21, 2016 at 1:55 pm
A drinking game for the first presidential debate
Find a comfortable seat, a place where you will not hurt yourself if you were to fall over, because we at LEO believe we have picked out the choicest words, phrases, gestures and possibilities guaranteed to keep your first Presidential Debate viewing party (Monday, Sept. 26) spirited, if not full of spirits. The rules are simple: 1) pick a candidate, 2) pick a drink of choice. We say a sip of wine, beer or cocktail equal a drink, and 3) listen carefully for the word, phrase or gesture to come up. When it does — take a drink! Oh, and 4) keep score, and after the debate, do not attempt to operate equipment any heavier than, say, a blender. (For a printable versions, click here or click here).

In this corner we have, Donald “Cheeto” Trump

Benghazi Best Believe me Chhhina! Emails  Loser Many say Mexican (Puckers face) (Toupee ignites) Trump Winner Worst

In this corner, we have Hillary “Janus-faced” Clinton

America’s best days are still ahead of us American middle class Bernie Sanders (Coughs) Fairness Gender card (Horns sprout) Mr. Trump Putin Russia (Shakes head) Tax returns Unfit