$9M In Grants Will Go To Expanding Recycling And Reducing Landfill Waste In Kentucky

The grants will help improve the handling of household hazardous waste as well

May 23, 2024 at 11:14 am
The grants are spread across 73 projects in Kentucky.
The grants are spread across 73 projects in Kentucky. Flickr

On Monday, May 13, Governor Andy Beshear (D) announced $9 million would go towards recycling, household hazardous waste and composting programs all across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

That money will go to 73 projects across Kentucky, which won grants that totaled the $9 million mark.

The program that the governor announced included three types of grants:

  • There are 29 recycling grants, worth $4.6 million, providing funds for counties to purchase recycling equipment with the goal of promoting sustainable regional recycling infrastructure.
  • There are 15 composting grants, worth $15.4 million, to purchase equipment to improve composting and to promote creative solutions for managing food waste, lawn waste and other organic material. 
  • There are 29 household hazardous waste grants, worth $1 million, for counties to conduct annual drop-off events for citizens to dispose of household chemicals, old electronics and other potentially hazardous wastes.

The grants themselves require a 25% local match in the form of cash or labor, which include educational activities or advertising to promote the program from those receiving the awards.

“Kentucky is fortunate that so many municipalities are stepping up to reuse and recycle to reduce the amount of solid waste piling up in our landfills,” Gov. Beshear said in a press release received by LEO Weekly. “This shows care for the environment and for each other.”

A complete list of grant recipients can be viewed here.