You And Me

Kevin Barker

Feb 3, 2010 at 6:00 am
You And Me

Kevin Barker wants to be your friend. The Vetiver guitarist has crafted You & Me for you. You’re the “you” of You & Me. He’s upbeat, easygoing and wants to hang out. He’s even brought pleasant little numbers that are all of what you like about alternative country with none of the depressing mess that can accompany it.

You & Me is made of waltzes, pretty vocals and sweet moments. No miscues, no overly maudlin lyrics, not even swear words. There’s nothing to hate at all, and that’s by design. The title track — a little ditty about protecting your girlfriend from all things unclean and unfun — sets the tone for this feel-good album.

Unfortunately, You & Me sounds too eager and ends up trying a little too hard, like running into an acquaintance at the grocery: pleasant, but unlikely to make much of the impression that your bosom buddy would.