Tuesday Tracklist: Wombo, Foxbat, Audrey Nuna, and more (4/4)

Apr 4, 2023 at 5:13 pm
New Jersey's Audrey Nuna is just one of the artists featured in this Tuesday Tracklist.
New Jersey's Audrey Nuna is just one of the artists featured in this Tuesday Tracklist. Photo: Sony Music.

In this new weekly feature, a different LEO staff member will share 7-10 of the songs repeating in their playlists right now. (Songs by Louisville artists are marked with an (*) asterisk.) Got a track that you think we’d like? Let us know at [email protected] or click the author's name for email.

We don’t typically do an intro on the Tuesday Tracklist but I wanted to preface that whenever I make these lists, I dig deep into the diversity of my playlists. I listen to artists from all over the world, and I love bringing attention to the fact that, despite the many things that separate us in the world, music is one place where we can find common ground. My hope is that when you listen to these playlists, you get a moment of fun, peace and maybe a little bit of room to dance (or rage, we’re good with that too).

Foxbat - “Destroyer” *

I’m not always quiet and meek. Okay, rarely am I meek but I am relatively quiet, and a lot of the music I listen to is also quiet; but there is the occasion that I just need something more in your face and aggressive. After the last couple of weeks here at LEO, phew, this track by Louisville’s Foxbat hits just right. 

Se So Neon- “Midnite Train”

Se So Neon is a band from South Korea. Hard to pigeonhole into any genre, really, so let’s call them alternative music. Singer So!Yoon!’s vocal range always throws me off. Her voice can soar as a soprano and drift its way into a pretty cozy tenor. On top of that, she’s a phenomenal guitar player. And, she recently released a track with RM from BTS that’s quite nice. 

Twin Limb - “White Tongues” *

Louisville Psych-folk unit Twin Limb’s haunting “White Tongues” finds its way onto my list because there is something that I love about a good experimental, psychedelic folk buzz, and this song delivers nicely. Tight harmonies with a driving beat and the sounds of a distant grinding guitar, give this song so much to enjoy. 

Jimin - “Like Crazy”

BTS’s lead dancer is taking his place in the spotlight with this song, and, damn it, the ‘80s-ness is right up my alley. I love that synth is making a prominent comeback in music. I also enjoy that this track, like other releases by members of BTS, is giving the artist a chance to showcase his real talent and ideas despite the artifice of the pop industry. 

Lavender Ray - “Spring” *

Love that the artist calls their work, “sad, Pisces music,” and since we have left the house of Pisces for the fire of Aries, it’s nice to get a little wisp of the mellowness Pisces can bring when they aren’t being dramatic. Though, it is fair to say that even when mellow, the drama with Pisces is high. I’m raising one, so prepare his Oscars now. 

Carmen Maki - “Tokiniwa Hahano Naikono Yoni”

One of my favorite things to do is let Spotify play songs that are similar to an artist that I already like. I found Carmen Maki in an Ichiro (Itsuroh) Shimoda rabbit hole. What I learned, is that the ‘60s and ‘70s in Japan were kind of amazing for pop and folk music, much like it was everywhere else in the world. Maki’s voice is quite soothing on this track, and reminiscent of Poppy Family’s Susan (Pesklevits) Jacks

Twinjabi - “Desi Dons” *

Louisville’s brother duo, Twinjabi are Neil and Kush Nijhawan. The band's image is a bit hypermasculine hip-pop candy but it’s hard not to like the songs. Bottom line is, I love that these hometown brothers are making a name for themselves here and across the globe. This tune is definitely one for the party. 

Audrey Nuna - “Top Again”

Nuna, aka Blueberry Cheeto, is a New Jersey native whose album, A Liquid Breakfast blew up last year and garnered a lot of press for the young artist. This song’s intermittent breaks and beats, with Nuna’s smooth vocals, and Chicago Rapper’s SABA’s feature make this an easy listen. It’s in my heavy rotation playlist. 

Wombo - “Dreamsickle” *

My music tastes are all over the place, but I’m absolutely never bored. Louisville’s Wombo brings the garage to a little dream-pop. It's infectious, and the video’s resemblance to Smashing Pumpkins’ “Tonight, Tonight”  is certainly no accident but it works and I’m into it. 

Dove Cameron (with Khalid) - “We Go Down Together”

A little moody, perhaps, but I love the way their voices work together in this song, and it’s nice to see a former Disney kid make good art. If you’re lucky, you will catch me singing this in my car and can join in as Khalid because I typically just sing Cameron’s part.