Tuesday Tracklist, Vacation Vibes: Shadwick Wilde, Christopher Cross, Wax Fang, And More (10/3)

Oct 3, 2023 at 11:01 am
Shadwick Wilde.
Shadwick Wilde. Photo by Sarah Wilde

In this weekly feature, a different LEO staff member will share 7-10 of the songs repeating in their playlists right now. (Songs by Louisville artists are marked with an asterisk.) Got a track that you think we’d like? Let us know at [email protected] or click the author’s name for their email.

This Tuesday Tracklist is dedicated to those who need to wander sometimes. With all the fall breaks coming up, it might be the perfect time for some music with vacation vibes. Also for your listening pleasure is a link to our Spotify playlist

Wax Fang - At Sea*

The song is 10 years old and instrumental, but at the start of a big adventure, you need a slow buildup to a crescendo. 

Roger Miller -  King of the Road 

A classic travelers’ tune. It’s the best train-hopping song, maybe ever. 

My Morning Jacket - One Big Holiday *

Oh, here’s your crescendo! The part where you’re wheels–up and off. There is nothing like the freedom of leaving for a holiday, knowing that work computers, on-call, Slack, Teams, and all the other ways that we stay connected to our jobs are in the rearview mirror for at least a week. This song is a great feeling and one of the songs that helped catapult MMJ to star status. 


Rufus Wainwright -  Across the Universe 

In this remake of The Beatles’ classic, Rufus Wainwright’s voice dives deep into the tenderness of connecting with the world around us and the experience of soaking in the moments of a life, in a sense, across a universe. It’s just a lovely song. 

Shadwick Wilde - Forever Home *

A new project by Wilde, the title track “Forever Home” is a sweet song about a traveler looking back with a bittersweet love of home. Even when we escape for a vacation, there’s always a little piece of us that wants to know that our place will be the same when we return and that we’ll be welcomed back. 

David Gray -  Sail Away

David Gray’s White Ladder album was transformative, and this song is just one of the many gems. Asking a lover to come with you on an adventure of the heart — there is no promise of perfection, but just the desire to step forward together on faith. 

Houseplant - Traveling Solo*

A not-so-old release by locals Houseplant. This is a great song for long stretches of road or sky. Nice psychedelic vibes and a good driving rhythm. It’s a treat for the ears. 

Christopher Cross - Ride Like The Wind

I swear, the older I get, the more fun it is to listen to Christopher Cross and sing. It’s a classic ‘80s road-trip, escapist song. With the smooth vocals of Michael McDonald added to the track, it’s a song that really never loses its charms, and, for me, only improves with age. Anyway, if there is a song that says "get your ass out on the road," it’s probably this one. Cross will be playing at the Brown County Music Center near Bloomington on Saturday, Oct. 7. 

Lee Chun-Hee - Arirang

This song is second only to the national anthem of South Korea but may be more popular, and holds an important place in the hearts of many Korean people. The song tells the story of someone watching a loved one leave across Arirang Pass, and, if the lyrics are read literally, the person is sending them away with something of a curse. It is a song of separation and hope for reunions. If you read anything about Korean history, then it is easy to understand the importance of this song.