Three concerts to catch this week

Nov 29, 2017 at 11:32 am
Pokey LaFarge

Pokey LaFarge Wednesday, Nov. 29 Headliners With an old-timey swing and an eclectic mix of generations of Americana roots, Pokey LaFarge creates a mash-up of genres that sounds like someone shipped today’s technology back to the days before rock ’n’ roll was invented. LaFarge is more than a time-capsule novelty act — he’s someone that moves a style of music forward by cutting and splicing its past. $17-$20.

Curio Key Club Butchertown Social Saturday, Dec. 2 An experimental rock band, with sprinkles of prog’s trippy leads and rock’s driving heart, Curio Key Club is a collective of musicians that can veer in several different directions. Part jam band and part innovative indie-rock project, they cover a lot of ground, but they do it so fluidly and with a prowess that allows the parts to melt together in a precise, impactful way. Free.

Salvation The Cure Lounge Saturday, Dec. 2 An ominous noise-rock band that’s purposefully sloppy in the likable way that a lot of great punk-leaning stuff is, Salvation throws heavy and visceral riffs on top of equally unhinged vocals and drums that hold it all together, clocking in somewhere between the darker side of grunge and the melodic side of hardcore. Waxeater and total void open. $5.