The Coathangers
Suicide Squeeze

Jul 1, 2009 at 5:00 am

With the emergence of garage rock and the success of bands like The White Stripes and The Ting Tings, it was only a matter of time before knock-offs would start coming out of the woodwork. It almost seems like anyone with a poorly tuned guitar, a busted amp and access to a snare drum thinks they have a genius album in them somewhere.

The Coathangers is an all-female collective that leaves you scratching your head. The lo-fi record includes sarcastic throwback vocals, thin jangly guitars and snarky lyrics that continually dance the line between adolescent sarcasm and full-grown brilliance. At first listen, Scramble can be easily dismissed as “just another …” However, once you dig into songs like “Dreamboat,” “Stop Stomp Stompin’” and “Pussywillow,” it becomes evident that this band does a lot more than regurgitate the sonic values of their idols.