Record Review: Various Artists —'The Fatal 5 Way' (Produced by Dj Shaheed)

Nov 7, 2018 at 10:16 am
DJ Shaheed
The greatest joy in The Fatal 5 Way is hearing the various directions that DJ Shaheed can move as a producer. Joined by a who’s who of local emcees, Shaheed constructs an epic EP where each of the five tracks is a collaboration with different hip-hop artists. The individual players operate at peak performance, from the call-and-response between Mr. Goodbar and Sleye Cooper on “Light Heart Foundation,” to the masterful flow of Pete Wesley on “Flame Wars.” Trapkingkai and Chris Ghoul shine on “TrapkingGhoul,” which offers a playful bounce that is otherwise missing. Big and Tall’s “Seen That,” ends the album on a tender note, a meditation on relationships with a calming energy.