Record Review: Trouble on Two Feet — 'The World’s Shittiest Demo'

Oct 31, 2018 at 10:10 am
Trouble on Two Feet
There is something raw and unhinged about a demo recording in general, and Trouble on Two Feet capture lightning in a bottle with The World’s Shittiest Demo. There is a wild charm to the band, whether that’s in “Life of an Anarchist,” or their anti-Taco Bell screed, “Taco Hell,” that has a youthful energy to it, matched by the sort of punk bombast that you’d expect from the genre. Between “B’ n’ T” and “Systematic Suffering,” singer Kyle Taylor makes the case for speaking his mind, no matter how off-color that may be, for better or worse, a sneering anti-social malaise that for many is all too familiar.