Record Review: The Phantom Family Halo? — 'Reborn Animal Rides'

Nov 7, 2018 at 10:18 am
The Phantom Family Halo?
There is something always a little ominous about The Phantom Family Halo, a creepy vibe underneath their otherwise psych-pop bones. With Reborn Animal Rides, the band continues to create that sinister sound that lives just below the surface. While freak-out elements punctuate so much of their material, songs such as “Blackbird” and “I Believe In Miracles” show that the band can be accessible. That blend of intense psych and neon slink lends the album a Bowie-esque air, as filtered through the works of Leonard Cohen and Can. You can easily imagine this as the soundtrack to a smoky bar, the dim lights your guide in the darkness, with bad decisions at every turn.