Record Review: Sasha Renee — F.L.A.V.A.

Jul 31, 2019 at 10:21 am
Sasha Renee

Since her career began, Sasha Renee has remained an unflinching force in hip-hop, delivering superlative rhymes couched in feminism and ownership of her sexuality. What makes F.L.A.V.A. work so well isn’t in any particular narrative espoused but the passion and competence behind each verse spit. Renee has cultivated incredible beats from her producer Wopsworld, who has crafted music that simultaneously attends to the emotional core of the songs, while working ideally in party settings. While the record typically skews hip-hop, Renee shines on the R&B-inflected tracks “Queen of the Pole” and “Poison,” showing her cross-genre prowess. —Syd Bishop