Record Review: Insatiable Digs — 'Demo'

Jul 3, 2019 at 9:51 am
Insatiable Digs
The blues-infected good times of Insatiable Digs is undeniable right from the first notes of “Just Be Mine.” The guitar chimes and breaks up in that old-school tube amp way, while the bass lays out the melody line. The drums keep everything steady, and the organ work is subdued in the mix to great effect, adding a reverential vibe to the composition. Ultimately, the deep baroque vocals are the star of the show, with crooning that recalls a young Otis Redding, engaged and world weary. There is a cool strut to “Hold the Phone” and “Second to None.” For such a competent and confident release, it’s unclear why this is a “demo,” as there seems to be little fat to trim. —Syd Bishop