Record Review: Goodnight Octopus — 'Manic Summer'

Jul 31, 2019 at 10:26 am
Goodnight Octopus

With Manic Summer, Goodnight Octopus puts together an off-center listening experience that owes heavily to vaporwave, although it has the feel of a lo-fi indie album. It’s in the herky-jerky nature of the samples — that kind of ‘80s corporate jazz that used to blare out of cigarette-smoke-filled elevators — where Manic Summer comes to life. Where other echo jams tend to have one long and solid loop, Goodnight Octopus mixes it up by changing the loops midstream, which gives a slight abrasive edge to the sanitized source material. Between that and the abrupt endings of many of the album’s tracks, there is a sublime mania to the chilled out, disjointed recording. —Syd Bishop