Record Review: auralgamiSOUNDS — 'Kirigami'

Mar 7, 2018 at 10:48 am
To celebrate turning 3 years old, the label auralgamiSOUNDS put together Kirigami, a compilation featuring 14 bands from its eclectic, local roster. There’s grungy punk (Cereal Glyphs’ “Jynx”), jazz-leaning freakouts (MinecONTROL’s “Evil in Ujiak”), a melancholy instrumental featuring synth and field recordings that sounds like the score to a slow-moving thriller (Psychic Skin’s “Island of Everything”) and 11 other songs from across the spectrum. The common denominator seems to be they all subscribe to some sort of boundary-pushing experimentalism. But, Kirigami isn’t about continuity — it’s about documenting a time and place and section of a scene.