Listen Local: New Louisville Music

Nov 22, 2023 at 2:58 pm
Listen Local: New Louisville Music

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Mod Kiddo


Seeing as how she’s already won three LEO Reader’s Choice Awards this year for Best Band/Musician Performing Original Music, Best Local Song, and Best Local Album, perhaps I’m a bit late with this review, as apparently a lot of you are already quite familiar with Louisville-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Michaela McKiernan  (aka Mod Kiddo). Drawing inspiration from the likes of Radiohead, Mazzy Star, Beach House, and Elliott Smith, Mod Kiddo’s sound skirts the edges of dream pop, shoegaze, lo-fi, and alternative rock, but is not easily classified into any genre. Backed by a stellar lineup of studio musicians that includes Craig Pfunder (VHS or Beta) on guitar and synth, Tom Blankenship (My Morning Jacket) on bass, and Van Campbell (Black Diamond Heavies/Bonnie “Prince” Billy) on drums, Scintillation is a five-song auditory journey that carries the listener through lush, mesmerizing soundscapes. McKiernan’s ethereal vocal delivery and haunting lyrics pull you into her world, inviting you to explore the depths of her thoughts and emotions. The excellent production quality courtesy of Will Roberts (The Pass) and the aforementioned Craig Pfunder give these songs a warm, bright, clean sound that allows the music to breathe and evolve, creating an immersive experience that keeps the listener engaged throughout. With Scintillation, Mod Kiddo has created an EP that rewards repeated listens, revealing new layers and subtleties with each play. But you, dear LEO reader, already knew that, didn’t you?

Nick Teale featuring Skipping Stone

“Sail On” 

Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Nick Teale is an artist who seemingly has no fear whatsoever of taking on any genre. His previous work has seen him perform rock, folk, jazz, bluegrass, pop, Americana, adult contemporary, hip-hop, and everything in between. Said Teale, “Genre doesn’t matter to me as long as I can communicate a message of empathy, kindness, compassion, and understanding.” So why was I surprised to see him take on metal? I mean, honestly, why not? He certainly has the pipes for it. Written as a tribute to Ryan Preston, lead guitarist and vocalist of Louisville Viking metal band Overthrone, who passed away in 2021 after a yearlong battle with cancer, “Sail On” is a powerful, moving track with heartfelt lyrics that is almost as big as Ryan Preston’s legend. Teale, handling vocals and acoustic guitar, is in classic form. His rich baritone voice is almost operatic here, pushing harder and reaching higher notes than I’ve ever heard him sing before, giving one of his best vocal performances yet and truly showcasing what he is capable of. Backing him are local alt-metal heavyweights and perennial LEO Reader’s Choice favorites Skipping Stone, who lay down a powerhouse of a performance themselves. The result is an epic classic metal track in the vein of Savatage and Iron Maiden that is worthy of the man it was written for and the music he created.



As founder and bassist of long-running classic rock cover band The Derby City Ramblers, Bryan Peak has had a long career of playing other people’s material. However, during the pandemic shutdown of 2020, Peak began what he said was “a lifelong goal of professionally recording my original songs under the pseudonym Pinner.” The result is his self-titled album, entirely composed and arranged by Peak and featuring a who’s-who of local musicians. Seriously, this album packs some big local names: Grammy Award winner Michael Cleveland (Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper), Johnny Edwards (Foreigner/Montrose/King Kobra/Buster Brown), Johnny Berry (Johnny Berry and the Outliers), Jessica Leslie (Wax Factory), Josh Goodlett, Frankie Moody, the list goes on and on. The album captures the essence of traditional country and bluegrass while giving it a fresh, contemporary twist. What truly sets this album apart is the inclusion of the numerous collaborative musicians, each track featuring a different lineup than the previous — Peak and Louisville Recording Company owner and engineer Phil Bright being the only consistent. And while the musicianship on display here is nothing short of incredible, it’s the vocalists, each of whom adds a unique layer to Peak’s material, who are truly in the spotlight. The album is undeniably catchy, one you’ll find yourself humming and singing along to even after just one listen. Whether you’re a lifelong country music fan or new to the genre, Pinner has an accessibility that makes it easy to enjoy.

Producing a Kind Generation

All of Us 

PAKG are nothing if not prolific. All of Us marks their second full-length record of 2023 and third since the summer of 2022. But the really impressive thing with PAKG is that it’s all quality material. The kind of material where even if they were taking five or so years between each of these albums, you’d still be impressed with how great these songs are. But where All of Us really stands out from its predecessors is its rawness. The 14 tracks on All of Us take on more of a darker, melancholic, grungier tone compared to the bright, upbeat, poppier tunes of their previous releases. The production here as well has a grittier, stripped-down, live feel to it. None of this is a bad thing, by the way. PAKG knows how to write some extremely catchy alt-rock tunes, and All of Us is certainly no exception. From the powerhouse groove of “Beauty Queen,”the melodic slow burn of “Stain” (which is easily one of their best songs to date), the beautiful acoustic ballad “For Francine” (made all the more vulnerable by the bare-bones recording done outside with crickets chirping in the background), to the funky Red Hot Chili Peppers-ish album closer “Rain Dance,” All of Us is yet another essential collection of songs by this absolutely phenomenal band. Look for it on Bandcamp and all streaming platforms on Friday, 11/24.


“Don’t Play The Game” and “I Wanna Be Everywhere With You”

Certainly no stranger to the Listen Local column, multi-instrumentalist and producer Andrew N. Aebersold is back with his one-man studio project Radianation. His latest tracks, “Don’t Play The Game” and “I Wanna Be Everywhere With You,” are the third and fourth singles from his upcoming full-length album Casting Spells, which is slated for release in January 2024. “Don’t Play The Game” blends alt-rock with EDM for a catchy, upbeat, danceable number with melancholic undertones. Lyrically delivering “a powerful message about individuality and the pursuit of true freedom in an ever-conforming world,” said Aebersold, the track is “a poignant reminder that one doesn’t need to adhere to societal norms or expectations.” His newest single, “I Wanna Be Everywhere With You,” takes on much more of a retro-80’s new-wave vibe with a solid modern electro-pop sheen. With lyrics that, according to Aebersold, “convey the longing to explore every corner of the globe alongside a significant other,” and its big hook-filled chorus, this is quite possibly the catchiest song Radianation has recorded yet. With both songs, Aebersold plays all traditional instruments himself, including acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, piano, keyboards, and vocals, while adding in computerized electronic elements and a slick, clean, bright production before turning them over to Grammy Award-winning engineer James Auwarter at Coda Room Audio for mastering. Without a doubt, the upcoming Casting Spells album is going to be something quite special.

Shannon Vetter

Holding Pattern 

Stepping out from his roles in the traditional bluegrass stylings of VEZL and the jazzy funk of Big Atomic, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Shannon Vetter stands in the spotlight on his sophomore solo album Holding Pattern, delivering a 12-song journey through the heart of Americana, ranging from the soulful album opener “Strange Year,” the bluesy rock of “Down Tonight” and “Great Divide,” the folk-tinged country of “Love You Better” and “Musician’s Lament,” the newgrass stylings of “Stone Age” and “Piney Mountains,” even experimenting with ragtime on “Ode to a Drunk Girl” and New Orleans-style jazz on “Boundaries Baby.” The tremendous lineup of local talent — including Scott T. Smith, Chris Rodahaffer (Bonnie “Prince” Billy/Roadie), Anna Blanton (Arianna Barton & The Bourbon Britches/Jericho Woods), Todd Hildreth (Todd Hildreth Trio/Squeeze-bot), Ryan Nottingham (Bad Ass Brass), and several others — provides a rich foundation for Vetter’s expressive vocals. And it’s easy to get lost in the stories and melodies of Vetter’s emotion-filled lyrics, which explore themes of love, longing, and the human condition. Holding Pattern is a wonderful work of art that showcases Shannon Vetter’s songwriting and musical talents. With its evocative lyrics and an ensemble of top-notch musicians, this album is a must-hear for anyone who appreciates emotional depth and musical diversity within the Americana genre.

Tin Zelkova

“Wretched Stone” 

Louisville’s Tin Zelkova is a young band with an old soul — a power trio whose sound not only captures the essence of classic and modern rock, but also infuses their own unique energy into the mix. Their latest release, “Wretched Stone,” is a prime example of this - a deep groove-oriented, slower tempo track that draws you in with an almost tribal-sounding rhythm and hooks you with a catchy melody. The influence of iconic classic rock bands like Rush, Kansas, Blue Oyster Cult, and Aerosmith can be heard here, but Tin Zelkova brings a modern twist to their sound, giving this song a youthful feel. The band has a tight, cohesive sound that you’d expect from a group with years of experience. Their ability to craft a song that is both nostalgic in essence and contemporary in sound is certainly a testament to their outstanding musicianship and songwriting skills. With a knack for creating memorable hooks and a sound that’s a perfect blend of the old and new, Tin Zelkova is a band to keep an eye on as they continue to make their mark on the Louisville music scene.



For a guy who’s only been making music for a handful of years, Louisville native Zayuh is obviously doing something right. He began experimenting with multiple instruments at the age of 12, then creating and releasing his own music from his bedroom studio at 15. Now at the ripe old age of 18, he’s already a verified artist on Spotify with almost 24,000 monthly listeners from all over the world. His latest single “Instant” is a vibrant fusion of hyperpop and alt-hip-hop, pulling influences from artists like Ericoda, Glaive, The Kid Laroi, and Jack Harlow. With an energetic, bouncy beat and youthful energy, this song is perfect for anyone looking for a danceable tune. Zayuh’s production choices are on point, offering a rich soundscape that embraces the hyperpop aesthetics while infusing it with his own unique touch. The infectious beat is complemented by Zayuh’s vocals, which seamlessly flow between rapping and singing. The transitions are smooth, and his vocal hooks are undeniably catchy, making this track impossible to get out of your head. I would say the only downfall here is that, clocking in at just under two minutes, it’s far too short of a song. If he could add another couple minutes to this, I could absolutely picture this song bumping in clubs and lighting up dance floors across the nation. Regardless, this track is a dose of musical euphoria that you’re gonna love the “Instant” you hear it!