LEO Weekly 1/7 Playlist

Jan 7, 2015 at 7:46 pm
LEO Weekly 1/7 Playlist

*The LEO Weekly Playlist features the musicians covered in each respective print issue. Enjoy.*

1) “River” by Civil Twilight, who play Headliner’s on Friday, January 9. 2) ”I Am Moving On” by The New Old Cavalry, who play Zanzabar on Saturday, January 10. 3) “Jane, I Still Feel The Same” by Matthew Ryan, who plays the Clifton Center Wednesday, January 14. 4) “Criminal, Animal” by Xerxes, who play Modern Cult Records on Saturday, January 10.

The next four bands on this playlist play at FREE WEEK, which was just announced, takes place from January 28-31, and will feature more than 15 local bands at four different venues over four nights. It was organized by Do502 — LEO Weekly is a media partner — and you can catch music from all participating bands with the entire schedule here.

5) “No Salvation” by Coliseum 6) “Frames of Fires” by Satellite Twin 7) “All I Know Is Changing” by A Lion Named Roar 8) “The Trick” by Black God