Knocked Loose headline this weekend's Midwest Blood Fest

Feb 1, 2017 at 11:17 am
Knocked Loose

The aptly-named Knocked Loose — a band made up of masters of heavy and unforgiving metalcore — has steadily garnered a national following through extensive touring.

“In 2015, we did, like, nine U.S. tours in a year,” Isaac Hale, guitarist for the Louisville-based five piece, said. “It’s almost constant. You basically just have to live day-to-day. You have to take advantage of the opportunities you’ve been given. And if the band can help pay some of those bills, that’s ideal. But we all have jobs at home in our down time.”

Road life is hectic, but Hale and company manage: “I like to think about where I am and how lucky I am to be doing what I’m doing with my friends. Makes it all worth it.”

Starting in 2014, the band released a series of EPs, the hardcore tinged Pop Culture, and their visceral split with Damaged Goods. The two releases serve as a snapshot of a band finding their sound, from the punk fury that informed Pop Culture, to the plodding weight of their split. It made sense then when their debut full-length Laugh Tracks synthesized that early intensity with the propensity for methodical power found on the split. Each track digs into a groove, a deep and all-abiding heaviness, and plays it out in all of its metallic glory.

While Laugh Tracks helped propel them to national recognition, Knocked Loose are always at home in Louisville. The band is playing the Midwest Bloodfest this weekend, which for Hale is source of joy and positivity.

“We are lucky enough to have an amazing scene of people in Louisville like Alex Rhema and Ryan Storey, who spend so much time nurturing the scene and booking a fest like this,” Hale said. “This fest is not only important to the people locally, but it is also a way for the rest of the country to get to see the amazing bands that come out of here. I feel lucky to be involved in Louisville hardcore. Midwest hardcore. Knocked Loose will play any time we are asked and we are proud to be a part of it.”

Knocked Loose is set to headline Friday night of Midwest Blood Fest, which takes place Friday, Feb. 3 and Saturday, Feb. 4 at the Cure Lounge and features more than 10 bands per day. Tickets are currently sold out.