Kevin Morby Tells Us What He’s Going To Play Ahead Of His Headliners Show

Nov 12, 2021 at 11:05 am
Singer-songwriter Kevin Morby
Singer-songwriter Kevin Morby Via Facebook/Kevin Morby

Singer-Songwriter Kevin Morby brings his latest work to Louisville in a show on Saturday, Nov. 13 at Headliners Music Hall with Hamilton Leithauser and Jess Williamson. LEO contributor Tyrel Kessinger caught up with Morby, who released his album Sundowner last year, for a quick Q&A ahead of the show.

LEO: Is this the first tour — or touring to this degree — for you in the post-pandemic world? Are you trepidatious about it on any level? Are you requiring mandates at your venues?

Kevin Morby: This is the second trip I've taken since returning, but the first proper tour. I was nervous about it at first, and though there's this looming anxiety of COVID, it feels so incredible to be back on stage in a room with other human beings. 

What are some of your personal favorite songs from Sundowner? Any ones you especially enjoy performing live?

My personal favorite is “ Campfire.” I love playing it live and am very proud of that song. 

Obviously, youre going to be showcasing heavily from Sundowner on this tour, but what are some of the songs what your audience always expects to hear from you when you play? 

Since this tour is a co-headline I've been playing all of the singles across my catalogue. I try to play two songs off of each of my albums, which at this point, is around 14 songs!  

Why did you choose to release the demos from Sundowner? What is it about these takes that you wanted to get out there as opposed to the versions from the album?

I have always loved demos and home recordings by other artists and have been waiting for the right time to release some of mine. I put in some extra effort with these demos and thought they were good enough for my fans to hear. 

How did the new song,Virginia Beach,” which you did with Hamilton Leithauser, come about? I assume you two will perform this one but do you plan on doing anymore together on stage?

Hamilton wrote the music and sent it to me and asked if it inspired me at all, and it did. I've never really written lyrics on top of music in that way, so it was a fun project. I'm really happy with how it turned out. 

How would Kevin Morby personally describe the sound of Kevin Morby?

Cowabunga music for the seaside of the southern northern plains. 

Find tickets to Morby’s Louisville show here.

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