Kaiju celebrates its 4th birthday

Nov 21, 2018 at 9:48 am

Obviously, having a diverse and talented pool of musicians that consistently releases new material is the most integral part of a local scene, but not far behind is having solid, eclectic venues of all sizes. The oddball, dive punk club that punches above its weight and champions under-the-radar bands is an important part of that equation, and in Louisville, that’s Kaiju. It celebrates its fourth birthday this weekend with two days of bands, including Bird Zoo, Rmllw2llz, Pleasure Boys, Belushi Speed Ball and several others.

“If it was any bigger, I couldn’t curate it the way it’s curated,” Kaiju’s promoter McKinley Moore said of the small space and the wide range of bands that perform there.

“When I hear somebody playing music, I like to hear the sounds come from the actual instrument or the amplifiers, instead of everything through some big speakers,” Moore, who also fronts Pleasure Boys, continued. “To hear the drums being hit, as opposed to just hearing drums coming through speakers, and you really can’t do that in a room much bigger than that.”

Kaiju gravitates toward underground punk, indie and hip-hop, which is reflected in the 16 bands that were booked for the 4th Birthday Celebration. And there’s a certain energy about the place that makes it a pivotal venue. It’s great for discovering new music, while having the feel of a house party.

“It’s a smaller, more intimate venue that makes your performance feel big,” Romell Weaver, who performs under the moniker Rmllw2llz, said.

Kaiju’s 4th Birthday Celebration takes place on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 23-24. Each day is a $5 cover. See the full lineup here.