Heart On

Eagles of Death Metal

Dec 3, 2008 at 6:00 am
Heart On

It’s always a pleasure to hear what the Eagles of Death Metal are up to, as so few bands these days can properly bring the rock. To properly bring the rock, an artist must possess the swagger, the sexy, the riffs and, above all else, a sense of humor. Naturally, the EoDM’s third album has these attributes in spades.

The rockabilly stylings that open “Wannabe in L.A.” give way to weird synth noodlings, which transform into fuzz bass riffs, which somehow work. They even carve out some space for a little tenderness on “Now I’m a Fool,” ’cause the ladies love a slow jam (and, I swear to Christ, this song reminds me of ’60s baroque psychedelic warlords Love, which is a compliment).

Opening cut “Anything ’Cept the Truth” lays it all out: a stomping beat even white boys can dance to, some tasty guitar licks, the vocal stylings of Jesse “Boots Electric” Hughes and the funny.

What prevents the funny from turning Eagles into a novelty act? The rock. Hughes and partner in crime Josh “Baby Duck” Homme are smirking at you, but they could just as easily kick your ass, and they know it.