Everyone Is A Ghost

Monster Movie

Jun 30, 2010 at 5:00 am

If you passed a misspent youth staring wistfully into your bedroom mirror while playing an imaginary keyboard, this could well be the album to reignite your teen dreams and/or angst. Each track is good. So good I spent the first two listens trying to work out who they’d borrowed the tunes and tone from (eventually, I deduced it was a mélange of The Thompson Twins, Human League and Pet Shop Boys). Yes, synthesizers and soppy lyrics rule, and you’ll be able to enjoy each track immediately because they’re so comfortingly familiar. For any parent whose children are refusing to indulge their ‘80s nostalgia, playing old Yazoo records, this could be the middle ground you’ve been waiting for. It’s new music while being purposefully old school: a plus for cross-generation car journeys.