Dr. Bloodmoney x Filthy Rich: Dollar Dollar Kills

Dec 9, 2015 at 1:49 pm
Dr. Bloodmoney x Filthy Rich:  Dollar Dollar Kills

(Us Natives)

There are some records that demand a certain atmosphere for proper consumption. In the case of “Dollar Dollar Kills,” the collaboration by producers Dr. Bloodmoney and Filthy Rich, the right time to listen to this album is while plotting a heist or caper of some sort, like probably with ski masks, goggles and something that detects infrared beams. If you just refuse to start a life of crime, I suppose you can instead opt to at least listen at night, driving around the city and getting real serious with your contemplation about how to escape or better embrace your day job. The beats here are haunting and at times skeletal, a lo-key sketch that works perfectly as is. It’s impossible to know where one producer starts and the other stops, but the end result is a seamless blend of bass and drum oriented instrumental hip-hop.