Connecting to the Cosmic with WEZSYM

Jul 19, 2022 at 4:31 pm

Compelling, mystical and ethereal are all words that describe what classically-trained musician of 23 years, Reiki master, healer and painter, WEZSYM (aka Weslyn Wolven) does in their music. Coming to Southern Indiana from Chicago, WEZSYM gets to spend time with their German Shepherd dogs, walking their cat and in nature where they feel at home. Their music reflects that connection with the world around and the aim to call from that space a strong spiritual connection.

LEO caught up with WEZSYM and decided to find out more about this unique local artist.

LEO: Talk to me about WEZSYM — the style and inspiration.

WEZSYM: My style is ever-evolving, as I am constantly discovering myselves. I love exploring as many genres as I can, to express the music that plays in my head. Creating bass beats, choral pieces, jazz and rap are some of the styles channeling through me… I do my best to translate the etheric melodies I hear when I dance, do yoga, or when I am communing with nature.

I feel anything’s everything, as an empath — my music begins at times from a phrase written by a friend, or by art I experience and most often from my dreams. I have dedicated many years to astral projection, lucid dreaming and meditation that provide interdimensional other worldly visions that inspire me as a composer.

There seems to be a movement of creators working in genres linked back to folklore or heritage in some way. How did WEZSYM choose to work in this way?

I desire to evoke dreams and inspire creativity — through sharing such a wide range of different types of music, I hope to reach the imaginations of the many. I seek to make people dance, because, for me, movement is the motion of emotion.

What are the themes in your work?

Deep commitment to spirituality. As a Reiki master and healer of modalities, my lyrics have many hidden conscious meanings. In divine certainty with detached expectation, I believe in a new world we build together with kindness as currency and celebration of diversity as we remember, all are one, as one is all.

How did you begin music? Family? Education?

I sang before I spoke. Creating is how I have transmuted all the chaos of this life. Music, dancing, theater have always been a part of my world, and I went on to double major in music education with my primary instruments being flute and voice.

I started composing my own music and live looping in 2018 while living on the road in my beloved van ‘Coney.’ Street-performing opened my world to how I want to connect with people through music, building the songs, loop by loop, right there with the audience. I delight in playing music for flow artists and ecstatic dance communities. I crave the symbiotic exchange of creative energy.

What are some artists that you listen to?

The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Eric Whitacre, Imogen Heap, Kimbra, Aurora, Illuminati Congo, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and oh so many more.

Do you create the graphics for your work or do you work with other artists for visual content?

Yes! All graphics are created by me. In addition to doing all my own graphic design and video editing, I am also a visionary painter, costume designer, mixed medium artist, and create fully posable dragon creatures for stop-motion fun.

To stay up to date on all of WEZSYM’s releases and events, visit or follow on Instagram @WEZSYM. •

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