Between Noise and The Indians

Push Pull

Aug 5, 2009 at 5:00 am
Between Noise and The Indians

At first glance, Bloomington, Ind., trio Push-Pull are just another rush of punk silliness. To dismiss them as such ignores how solid their latest album, Between Noise and the Indians, really is.

These guys bump along on a wave of instrumental adrenaline and don’t let up. Opener “Write, Right” kicks into overdrive, and the pyrotechnics keep exploding, with “If L were a G” and “Power Pockets” blasting with equal parts energy and irony. These guys are at their best on “Hungry.”

Although they fall short on “Sara,” which devolves into soupy, adolescent break-up goo … don’t worry, they pick the pace back up faster than you can say, “Hoosier.”