May 23, 2012 at 5:00 am

Tasting the future

Progressive space rockers Karass release their new EP, Imponderable Bloom, this week, with a show Friday at Zanzabar. Drummer Greg Ward shared his thoughts with LEO.

LEO: If I said you sounded like the ComicCon house band at NASA, would you be flattered, insulted or just confused?

Greg Ward: Umm … high-five? We didn’t even know NASA had a house band in the budget. Aren’t they having financial problems? If they need a house band, they might want to hit up our good friends Another7Astronauts, who are also playing our album release show on May 25.

LEO: How does the record compare to (2009 album) Or Granfalloon?

GW: This record was originally meant to be a collaboration with electronic musician Dennis Stein — aka Introvert — but we enjoyed working with him so much we added him as a permanent member. His contribution has translated into a much more liberal use of layered synths, samples and heavily effected guitar, so there is a lot more going on in this record. We also produced the record ourselves, meaning we were able to really take our time getting everything perfect with this record in a way that simply wasn’t feasible when we were paying for studio time. Moreover, we’ve progressed considerably in our musical ability in the three years since Granfalloon — both as a band and as individuals. This new EP is just a taste of what is to come.

LEO: You use Abraham Lincoln’s image often in your fliers and photos. How has he influenced your instrumental rock band?

GW: : Little known fact: Prior to entering politics, Abe Lincoln was the leader of the experimental math-rock band “Emancipation Rocklamation.” They never really received the recognition they deserved. Perhaps the people of the 1850s just weren’t ready for that sort of thing.

LEO:You still have a MySpace page, but you haven’t logged in since August 2011. Why?

GW: It’s a rather long story that involves a ton of liquor, a flock of penguins, a rented white van, and a particle accelerator; suffice it to say we are no longer on good terms with Tom.

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