Oct 26, 2011 at 5:00 am

Local dead
Author David Stack walks through his Brooklyn streets with a dark secret — he’s actually a Louisville native. The music obsessive gives love to his hometown in his new YA novel, “The Pretty Dead,” which features zombies, rockers and other local favorites.

LEO: Louisvillians love to know where we went to high school. So, tell us!
David Stack: “The Pretty Dead” is set in an evil high school where the cool kids are literally cool … to the touch — they’re dead! I’m a proud graduate of St. X, which is why I named the fictional school after our rivals Trinity. Just to be clear — this book is a work of fiction. The real Trinity High School is not a hot bed of the undead … as far as I know.

LEO: Who were your favorite local bands when you were growing up?
DS: I have a long list of local favorites. It runs from Sunspring, Ennui and Bush League all the way through to Squirrel Bait and Slint, the Palace Brothers, Crain, Rodan, Gastr Del Sol, and King Kong. I can honestly say these are still among my all-time favorite bands. In “The Pretty Dead,” every chapter is titled after and includes a quote from a song by some of my favorite all-time bands. There are lots of Louisville bands included.

LEO: Do you plan to write more Louisville-centric books?
DS: I should think so. Of all the books I’ve written, my two Louisville-centric books seem to get the most attention. My picture book “Good Morning Captain,” inspired by the Slint song, took off after it was featured on Pitchfork. New York magazine called it “The world’s most terrifying children’s book.” Louisville, it seems, is my good luck charm. I’ve actually just started writing a book set in Sligo, just outside Louisville. Hopefully the good luck extends just past the Louisville Metro area.

“The Pretty Dead” is available locally at Carmichael’s and ear X-tacy. It is also available as a 99-cent ebook on iTunes and Kindle. Proceeds benefit children’s literacy. Go to www.posterband.com for more info.

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