Jun 26, 2013 at 5:00 am

Trance formers

In the wake of their well-received debut and an upcoming release, New Albany’s Sleepmeld are hardly asleep. Presenting a sharp execution of newfangled electronic tunes, producer Bryan Akers and guitarist Austin Reynolds exhibit a tranquil repertoire that, with ease, could take the edge off a straight razor.

Marking their first live appearance, the comrades took the stage on March 22, a week after said release. They played alongside label mates Aquaventure and Ranger at a Like Young Records showcase. “Jordan Reidinger, who runs the label, has been so helpful and put out our self-titled EP,” says Akers. “He booked us our first live show.”

The influence of artists like Washed Out and Tycho is what incites Akers’ drive as a down-tempo conductor. He also extracts ideas and sounds from video games (namely the ’80s Nintendo game “Mother”) that are amalgamated with his and Reynolds’ material. “I like to use them as often as I can,” Akers says. “I think they make it more personal — for me, anyway.”

Akers’ six-string sidekick listens mainly to English indie-pop band The xx, which warrants his knack for smooth cosmic textures as heard on the aforementioned EP. With these converged influences and a dreamy production, an enchanting potpourri ensues. “I record my synthesizer and Austin records his guitar, and we smash it all together and add whatever else to make it perfect.”

Having dispatched “Melt Magic,” a new single released through the Like Young Records site, Sleepmeld continue to put the finishing touches on a forthcoming EP. “I’ve been listening to a lot of trance lately, and it’s definitely prominent in ‘Melt Magic,’” says Akers.

Unfortunately, the pals must part but still have work to do. “Austin’s moving to Texas, so we’re not entirely sure what will be in store for us,” laments Akers. “We’re hoping to still work on stuff ... I think sending stuff back and forth through email could work. I want Sleepmeld to go as far as it can, because I really believe in it — so I’m willing to work under new and unusual conditions.”

Sleepmeld plays at Decca on Thursday.