Aug 21, 2013 at 5:00 am

Reverse Menudo

Indie pop-rock band Deer Meet has returned with a new seven-song EP, Drums and Impressions, and to celebrate, they play Saturday at Zanzabar. LEO checked in with vocalist Jimmy Angelina and guitarist Morgan Keator.

LEO: How did you get Better Days Records involved with this album?

Morgan Keator: (Better Days owner) Ben Jones and I go back over 25 years. He has always been interested (in) and supportive of my music … When the topic came up of Deer Meet recording again, he simply told me he would put it out for us. He didn’t even have to hear it. To me, Ben is family and is one of the most influential Louisvillians in my life. 

LEO: How does the writing happen?

Jimmy Angelina: I do most of the songwriting. (Drummer) Nicholas (Layman) and Morgan write, as well. As far as my stuff is concerned, I bring in a more or less finished song — in a basic, structural sense. Tunes and lyrics. Then everyone throws their parts in. Then we hash all that out and work toward an arrangement. It’s always great to hear what everybody brings to a song. Some of the songs have undergone massive reinterpretations, thanks to everyone’s input, which is great.

LEO: How do you think the band has progressed?

JA: I think — I hope — the band has progressed over time. If so, I think part of that is due to my becoming more comfortable with the process of writing songs. I’ve gotten much more confident as I’ve gone on, and with that confidence comes more of a willingness to stretch out a bit. The other thing that’s perhaps made us progress is the fact that the band has changed line-ups with each album. It’s gotten a bit Menudo-y at this point (although, maybe a reverse Menudo, as I’m the oldest member, and I’m still here). The changes have kept things sparking and have meant that a wide variety of creative voices have gone into the mix.