Dec 14, 2011 at 6:00 am

Foxy like a craze


The Foxery invade Headliners on Tuesday, Dec. 20, to celebrate the release of their new album, Life Is Still Beautiful. LEO asked Travis Beck about their year.

LEO: What changes and opportunities have you gone through this year?

Travis Beck: This year has been quite full of changes and opportunities, and has probably been our most busy year to date. First off, this is the first full year with our current bassist, Mike Stewart, so it’s been a growing opportunity for the band to develop with a new bassist. He has been a wonderful creative influence on all of us, and has really fit perfectly into the direction we have taken with our music. This band has always been a sort of brotherhood, first and foremost, and Mike has been a wonderful addition both musically and as a friend and brother. In the last couple months, we have also been working in a second guitarist, Dean Bryant, and I am so excited to see where he takes us musically, going forward. He has been great to have around.

We have been blessed to play on some pretty cool shows this year, such as opening for Ra Ra Riot and Pomegranates, and those bigger shows have really helped us to gain a strong stage presence. It’s been a wonderful year for all of us, and I think we have grown a ton. I know I can’t wait to continue growing and developing with these guys in the years to come.

LEO: Who are your favorite local bands?

TB: There are quite a few bands we would call brothers right now in Louisville, and new ones seem to be coming up pretty regularly, so that’s cool. Sadly, our closest friends, Young Lions, are breaking up, but we certainly hope that they all continue with making great tunes. Other bands we are close with and love are Via Animo, Anwar Sadat, Fork in Socket, Brain Trust, Jovian and Jubalson, who also will be joining us onstage at our CD release at Headliners.

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