Aug 8, 2012 at 5:00 am

Ask questions later

Rock ’n’ rollers Discount Guns celebrate the release of their first full-length album, Odessa, on Friday on the Glassworks rooftop. Cincinnati’s Buffalo Killers will also play, having also recently released an album, along with locals The Tunesmiths. LEO checked in with Edward Vincent, who shares vocals and instrumental duties with partner John Ford.

LEO: With the constant stream of tragic news involving guns coming at us all the time, do you worry that your band name might prove problematic to some people?

Edward Vincent: That depends on how people perceive the use of the word “discount.” We would hope that people would choose music they enjoy based on the sound, not the name of the band. It would be the same if somebody liked us just because of the name; it should be about the music. 

LEO: As a two-piece, aren’t you sort of begging to be compared to the Black Keys and the White Stripes?

EV: Or the Judds. Maybe The Carpenters. I think it’s more about the image of two people on stage that automatically puts a band in that category. People are always going to compare bands they see with bands they already know, but we don’t worry about that at all.

LEO: What did your female back-up vocalists, the crew at DeadBird Studios, and album masterer Kevin Ratterman add to your new album?

EV: Dave and Jaime at DeadBird really nailed the sound and the mixing. We recorded pretty much the entire record live, and we wanted it to sound like it does when we play out. They definitely made that happen. We tracked 12 songs in nine hours. Jess Langer’s vocals added a different depth and dimension to the tracks she worked on with us. She has such a fantastic voice. Kevin Ratterman’s résumé speaks for itself. An extremely talented guy, and he just put the icing on the cake. We’re very proud of the record and grateful for all the talented people we had around us.

Discount Guns will also play Headliners on Sept. 21 for The Bad Reeds’ album release show. Learn more at discountguns.bandcamp.com.