American Aquarium and two other concerts to catch this week

Dec 11, 2019 at 10:00 am
American Aquarium
American Aquarium

Crave On, Charles Rivera, Shutaro Noguchi Wednesday, Dec. 11 Kaiju Through thick experimental folk that is atmospheric and a bit ominous, Crave On is reminiscent of early The Velvet Underground or The War On Drugs, especially with the steady, direct vocal work. Composer Charles Rivera creates avant-garde jazz that could be the cinematic score to a clever dark thriller. Shutaro Noguchi’s psychedelic indie juxtaposes versatile guitar work and airy vocals with surrounding sounds that build intensity and depth.

White Woolly, The Ego Trippers, Glob Saturday, Dec. 14 Zanzabar With surf-infused garage rock, White Woolly makes swirling, hook-heavy songs that skate around the edges of punk. The Ego Trippers’ high-energy, no-frills, yet cleverly-structured style values raw power and an addictive catchiness. Using massive waves of heavy distortion, Glob’s version of punk is booming and visceral, although smart, poetic, existential lyrics are just beneath the surface.

American Aquarium Zanzabar Sunday, Dec. 15 Singer-songwriter B.J. Barham has guided American Aquarium through several stages, from the angst-ridden, hard-living stories in the beginning to the current, politically-informed contemplative songs. But, one thing has been consistent through the last decade and a half, which is that the alt-country band has been a well-oiled touring machine, known for explosive shows.