A Bottle of Pills With A Bullet Chaser


Nov 12, 2008 at 6:00 am
A Bottle of Pills With A Bullet Chaser

Louisville, I was thinking the other day about how we used to be cool. We used to have all kinds of kick-ass shows. Crain, Shovel, Evergreen … man. Those were the times, huh? I guess, if you think about it, we kinda peaked somewhere around the mid-to-late ’90s. Now we’re just clacking away on our keyboards, staring at our spreadsheets, hoping we’ve got enough to cover the Insight bill.

Well, this blistering (thin-packed) slab of rock is just what the doctor ordered. I mean … Wino was killer! Intense, face-melting riffs, Aaron Hodge’s strangled hobo (by way of David Yow) vocals. Man. They were totally badass. Now we can relive those lost moments of intense coolness by jamming the volume up to 11 (or 45 on the home hi-fi), pumping our fists a few times and just generally losing it.

This one’s got all the hits, baby (how could it not … it has all the songs). Dig that live version of “Dogs.” Hell yeah! Louisville, this is easily the best thing that’s happened to us this year. Remember it when you’re giving thanks over that turkey.