3 Concerts To Catch In Louisville This Weekend (7/28)

Jul 28, 2023 at 6:42 pm

Friday, July 28

Death Grips  Paristown Hall Tickets start at $48  |  8 p.m. The experimental hip-hop of Death Grips is both abrasive and revolutionary. The group is wild and challenging but so singular in approach, delivery and attitude. They’re going to do what they want, when they want, everyone else be damned — no compromise. But, on top of the undeniable vision and ability, that’s what makes them so captivating: Because while most of us are punching clocks and doing what’s “expected of us,” they’re moving fast, breaking things and creating art, not really caring if you care or not. 

Saturday, July 29

The Ego Trippers (Album Release Show) Zanzabar $10  |  8 p.m. The local garage power pop band mixes straightforward rock with dreamy soundscapes, creating a bounty of thoughtful hooks, riffs and lyrics along the way. This is the album release party for their record, A-OK.

Sunday, July 30

Shakey Graves & Lucius  Paristown Hall Tickets start at $37.50  |  7 p.m. A night featuring two beloved folk-infused indie rock bands.

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