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Thorns & Roses

Thorn: Hidden Figures

There is no doubt that some palm-colored individuals are sensitive about discussions of slavery and the enslavement of African peoples by their families and predecessors, but hiding the history doesn’t make it go away. It is still a legacy that white people in America have to face. Just because you didn’t hold any enslaved people doesn’t erase the benefits of their labor to the lives you’ve been allowed to live, and if your name is on a building in this city, you can bet enslaved folks helped build the legacy that allowed a path for that to happen. Louisville’s Southern Baptist Seminary is having a come-to-Jesus moment about hiding its historical plaque about enslaved peoples’ contributions to the school. Well, Jesus didn’t hide from the dark parts of his flock and it’s time white Americans got real honest with themselves. We’re looking at you, Southern Baptists. 

THORN: Bussing is Not ‘Bussing’ 

JCPS school system is still struggling with its actual bussing woes. UPS tried to help. Parents are hopefully stepping up their participation and assistance. Maybe, by the middle of the school year, kids can finally get home by dinner. 

Thorn: Mask Up

If you know that you’re prone to catching whatever bug is out there, it’s probably a good time to break out the masks because COVID numbers are up again. Two schools in the Kentucky counties of Magoffin and Lee have had to close their doors for a few days while staff and students recover from COVID and other respiratory illnesses that have increased since school started. The germs are here to stay, we just need to be proactive in keeping ourselves and each other safe. Mask Up, Kentucky. 

Thorn: If TikTok Tells You

If you see a trend on TikTok that asks you to tell someone you have a bomb or gun in your possession in a place where guns (and bombs) aren’t allowed — don’t. Seriously kids, stop falling into the trap of dumb TikTok videos that tell you to do stupid shit. Because instead of catching views, you’ll be catching charges like two Oldham County 15-year olds. So let TikTok be TikTok and you be about those grades. Signed, Yo Momma.