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on Larry Flynt speaks about Trump, Kentucky and the Press

Excellent interview — very timely. —Nat Irvin II

Another example of how in “modern” America, celebrity trumps morality, right or purpose. And how the media worships the First Amendment, while blithely contributing to its destruction.

—Gordon McKemie

Is he really a “celebrity”? I’m curious to know why worshipping the First Amendment contributes to its destruction? I’m genuinely curious. —Erin Hargan

I do like him. :) —Lisa Migliore Black

You don’t have to like him, but he will tell you the truth. —Bob Hollis

He surprised me. Great interview. Some people can’t handle the truth! —Jay Ferguson

Interesting and thoughtful interview on a guy who is more than a caricature. Good job, Pam Platt. —Creig Ewing

Wow... first I join the ACLU, then agree with Michael Moore... now agree with Larry Flynt! I’m right there agreeing with you (especially about the turtle Mitch McConnell) and hope you find the truth on Trump! —Ellen Fortune

on shane peabody powell: fear and intimidation

I knew kids like this in our high school. Always wearing T-shirts saying things like ‘Heritage Not Hate,’ or just the rebel flag or the rebel flag wrapped around the middle finger — a sign of a tried-and-true asshole in my less-then-educated opinion. Sad thing is that it was a good school, just overrun with people like that.

— Natalie Jones

on thorns and roses: a thorn for showing the movie “vaxxed”

Shame on you, LEO, for parroting the BS about the movie, “VAXXED.” The issue of vaccine safety keeps coming up because families with children have seen adverse reactions again and again. You probably believe tobacco doesn’t cause cancer and ingesting fluoride is great for your teeth, too. Do the research yourself — don’t just reprint lies told by the companies that profit from these abominations. —Nanci Wesling

Say my name...

A story May 10th on Primo Oils & Vinegars did not fully identify the ownership. Beverly Bromley is a co-owner.

A review May 10th of Chik’n & Mi misidentified the Southeast Asian hot sauce Jeaw Bong.