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Out of Caracter.

That’s what the U of L hoops squad will be no later than Valentine’s Day, according to my sources. Sayonara Derrick, you coulda been a contenda. This is both a sad and telling situation. Frankly, I’m not sure who the real culprit is here. The kid? Or the coach? If the kid’s got so many issues, why recruit him even with his talent? But if you do recruit him, why expect him to change overnight? He lost all that weight. Which shows me he is capable of some discipline. Nobody I know has a real clue what’s going on between him and The Rick. It looks like a classic come-here-go-away scenario. What a shame. The kid’s got talent. And the team needs all that it can get. Next!!!!!

Da doo Ron Ron.

I’m advised the Sacramento Kings would love to unload the baggage that is Ron Artest. Apparently the talented baller is such bad news that the Clippers’ Elgin Baylor won’t even trade for him.

Penny wise and pound foolish.

Once again the Cardinals’ stupifyingly bad pre-conference schedule is coming back to kick the team in the butt. If it is true what The Rick says, that AD Tom Jurich demands all home games before league play starts, which means a Patsies ‘R’ Us slate, then Louisville’s teams shall forever be unprepared for the hard stuff. How shortsighted. U of L’s Sagarin SOS rankings for the years they are available have been lower every year under the current regime than under that of Hall-of-Famer Denny Crum.

Money doesn’t talk, it swears.

Oregon would like a new arena for its nattily clad Ducks’ hoopsters. Momentum for the project faltered during the last couple of down seasons. It’s picking up again as my NCAA dark horse fave — with former Card Kenny Payne an assistant — is chalking up big wins. Problem is that the main benefactor is Nike’s Phil Knight. Who, it is said, won’t donate a farthing until coach Ernie Kent is given his walking papers. Isn’t big-time college sports fun? Tis, if you show ’em the money.

By seedy k

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