Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd


Junction dysfunction  |  Thorn

Following two truck crashes involving pigs and glue, the state is investigating whether the newly-redone Spaghetti Junction needs even more work. Like Courier-Journal editorial cartoonist Marc Murphy said: “You had one job.”

Crock blocked  |  Thorn

Gov. Matt “Oblivious” Bevin’s lawyers are fighting back against two Kentuckians who say in lawsuit that the official governor’s social media blocked them for making for critical comments. “The First Amendment does not give anyone the right to a heckler’s veto,” a Bevin attorney wrote in a response. Whatever that means... The CJ reported that the lawyer says Facebook  filters are used to prevent posts with “expletives and key words that most commonly appear in off-topic comments and spam.” Umm... words such as “wrong,” “resign,” “proof” and “carpetbagger”?

Confederate statue cleaned, sidewalks still broken  |  Rose

We reserve a rose for state Rep. Attica Scott for adding a bit of context to the Castleman statue Confederate contro. She wrote on Facebook: “I struggle with understanding political priorities in Louisville. We can quickly find $8,200 to clear off paint from a statue in The East End, but people in The West End have lived for years with broken sidewalks.”

Where will it end?  |  Thorn

Vandals defaced the Abraham Lincoln mural beneath the Watterson Expressway on Bardstown Road. Some speculate the criminals were reacting to a plantation house alongside The Great Emancipator.

Three stripes for strippers?  |  Thorn

There’s been a lot of hubbub over UofL’s $160-million contract extension with Adidas. We  wish the money and swag would be shared outside of athletics. Give some to students weighed down by loans. Or maybe free sneakers for strippers!

We’ve been rubbed!  |  Absurd

And finally, the Facebook post you can’t admit you clicked on: A Paducah man hired a hooker who turned out to be his wife. The CJ’s internet meme/study debunker Jeffrey Lee Puckett pointed out the... er, “rub” in the story, concluding it was real fake news.