The Way We Move

Langhorne Slim


Raw honesty and fiery, vocal-cord shredding howls make Langhorne Slim what he is. Performed by a band equally touched with rock ’n’ roll fever, Move may be Sean Scolnick’s most passionate album yet. The Pennsylvania native adopted the name Langhorne after his hometown when he moved to Brooklyn to pursue music. He’s come a long way since, finding a way to express the pain of losing a loved one (“Song for Sid”) and the conflicting emotions of a breakup (“Someday”) without dragging listeners through the slush of sappiness. In the latter, crafty banjo-picking propels lines like Maybe someday you’ll be happy/and I’ll be happy, too/but I wish we could stay together/I love you. Move is a stomping good time, recorded live to tape, but you’ll wish they were live in your living room instead.