Recently Reviewed

ST. CHARLES EXCHANGE, 113 S. Seventh St., 618-1917, The elegant St. Charles Exchange has the classy confines of a turn-of-the-century hotel bar. It melds an exceptional beverage program with a quality bill of fare, including deviled eggs, a lamb burger and mushroom risotto. (Reviewed 6/13/12; Rating: 90)

HENRY’S PLACE, 4864 Brownsboro Center, 690-6585, Want to go someplace classy for dinner and you don’t mind dressing up a bit to enjoy it? Consider the new Henry’s Place. The menu, billed as “Pan-European cuisine,” consists of nine salads and appetizers and about 18 main courses, subdivided among duck-egg pasta dishes, “fish pots,” “bones” and “house specials.” (Reviewed 7/4/12; Rating: 90)

ANCHORAGE CAFÉ, 11505 Park Road, 708-1880, Anchorage Café assembles an impressive collection of locavore small plates. The menu changes frequently, reflecting what’s ripe and good as the seasons change, but it typically features about 10 dishes attractively priced at $10 or less. (Reviewed 7/11/12; Rating: 86)

VARANESE, 2106 Frankfort Ave., 899-9904, Thanks to Chef John Varanese, this Frankfort Avenue establishment has been going strong for five years. The menu continues to please with an eclectic bill of fare, consistent in style although changing frequently to take advantage of fresh seasonal produce. (Reviewed 7/18/12; Rating: 86)

BISTRO LE RELAIS, 2817 Taylorsville Road, 451-9020, Unfortunately, after 25 years in business, Le Relais’ food and service have gone from “excellent” to “pretty good.” We admire its commitment to quality, authentic French fare, but a recent visit was disappointing. (Reviewed 8/1/12; Rating: 86)