Teacher Pins JCPS Student To Ground In Video From Marion C. Moore School


A video from today shows a teacher pinning a Black JCPS student to the ground at Marion C. Moore School in the Highview neighborhood. 

A spokesperson for JCPS, Mark Hebert, said that the teacher has been removed from the classroom while the school system determines what happened. 

In the video taken at the combined middle and high school, the student is struggling as other students attempt to pull the teacher off the pinned student. 

“Yo, man, get the fuck off him,” someone yells.

“Can you get security?” the teacher asks. 

The pinned student is able to free his hands during the scuffle to hit the teacher several times. 

Eventually, another adult enters the shot. He pulls the teacher off the student, but the teacher grabs the student’s hair, holding on for several seconds. 

The other adult appears to try and pull the teacher’s hand off of the student’s hair before the video ends.

Local leaders reacted to the video on Twitter. 

The Rev. Timothy Findley, who is running for mayor said: 

Activist Hannah Drake replied: