Be it Ever So Humble

Tamerlane Trio (Self-Released)

Comprised of half of Fire the Saddle and one-third of the elegant Sandpaper Dolls, it’s no wonder that The Tamerlane Trio perform a relaxed sort of Appalachian folk, perfect for a sunny autumn day in Kentucky. The instrumentation here is sparse, but well used, with Rob Collier on bass/vocals, Mick Sullivan on guitar/mandolin/banjo/vocals and Amber Estes Thieneman singing. Know that the emphasis here is on strong vocal harmonies and lyrical narration; this is storytelling music, and it’s damned pretty. Estes Thieneman’s voice, comparable to the wonderful Mimi Sparhawk of Low, often steals the show, as tracks like “Red River Valley” demonstrate so ably. Theirs is a sort of lazy afternoon that ambles by, a day spent reminiscing on times past, be that sweet or sour. It’s that tenderness that imbues each track and carries the album, making it a delightful listen.