Thorns & Roses: The Worst & Best


UofL president for life?  |  Thorn He did damn good job for the city for 21 years, so Jerry Abramson should be the natural first pick to lead UofL as president. Instead, Mayor Jerry is returning from his stint in D.C. to become an Executive in Residence at Bellarmine University. That sounds boring, Jerry.

The NBA, our media and farts  |  Thorn If a bear farts alone in the forest, would it make a sound? The blog “16 Wins a Ring” reported — and we are generous to use that verb — that city officials were meeting with the NBA regarding an expansion team. Just about every media organization raced to report it first, then finding that Mayor Greg Fischer had not met with the NBA. The reporters didn’t seem to take note that just days earlier the NBA commissioner had said there are “no immediate plans to expand the NBA...” So why didn’t our news pros delay publishing until they could determine whether anyone was actually paying attention to blog post, which would then determine whether it was actually, er... news, or just a bear farting alone in the forest?

Kings go better with Koch  |  Thorn We use this space to beat Gov. Matt “King” Bevin like a bongo, but come on! He says things like “We don’t answer to accrediting agencies,” regarding how his meddling may cost UofL its accreditation. UofL is in jeopardy, according to the accrediting agency we don’t care about, because of Bevin’s political interference. His picks for trustees? One is Papa John Schnatter, who has joined right-wing industrialist Charles Koch to open the “John H. Schnatter Center for Free Enterprise”... at UofL. Conflict of interest, you say?

Thanks, o’New Albany!  |  Rose New Albany has renamed a street after President Obama. “Every city, town, and burg wants to claim a little part of a successful United States President, and we are no exception,” Mayor Jeff Gahan said in a statement. If only that were true...

Bring back the beer garden!  |  Rose Finally, some love for The South End. The vacant Colonial Gardens, a onetime zoo and beer garden, where Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis were said to have performed, is finally being redeveloped and will house restaurant space, a patio and garden area.