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There’s an article in @leoweekly about sex abuse that ignores the fact there are more women perverts than men. Only mentions female victims! — Hoppy Rogers @HoppyRog

@HoppyRog @leoweekly do a wider research ... you have been misinformed.                   — Liz Smith @lizsmi77

on leo weekly’s election issue

I guess @leoweekly thinks people who decided not to vote are cowards. That’s a very bold statement.

— JJordan McCowan @JordanMcCowan3

There is absolutely nothing cowardly about not voting.

— Nickolas Cedric Heath Smith

on if trump wins, the u.s. will become an angry, permanent campaign rally

As long as the working class continues to be exploited by a corporate oligarchy, the U.S. will remain an angry permanent campaign rally. — Daniel Lewis Sherrill

So the American people shouldn’t be angry? Anger brings change which we need.          — Joshua Hall

If Trump wins, could we see him vs. Paul Ryan vs. Michelle Obama in 2020?

God, I hope not.                  — Ted Franke

on editor’s note: protest vote at our peril

It’s not a “protest vote.” This is America. Better people than us died to make sure we can vote how we want. What if you believe both candidates make you “... understand that taking this route to assuage your crisis of conscious will jeopardize the future of America and maybe even civilization” ? Both are horrible corporate warmongers. Punishment for being stupid should hurt somewhat. America needs to see what its apathy to corruption and violence has come to. If it takes a [Donald] Trump presidency to show us the error of our lazy, consume über alles ways, so be it. Jill Stein does not present a presidential essence, but her views on the issues are exactly what educated, nonviolent, ecology-minded people have been saying for years ...   — Raven Corvus

Vote buying is still alive in Kentucky

If we consolidated some of Kentucky’s 120 counties, this would improve efficiency and make electoral manipulation significantly more difficult.           — Stu Noland

Articles like these make me wish I could choose multiple Facebook reactions — anger and shock.             — Grace Kaelin