Thorns And Roses: Trump's Waning Influence And (As Always) Rand Paul

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Thorns & Roses

Rose: A Functional Government? 

After Trump failed to ascend to God Emperor of Dune or whatever his wacko fan base believed, it seems that the former president, the Caligula of his era, is finally losing some power in the Republican Party. On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package 69-30 that will boost the nation’s essential needs. It still has to pass through the House, but the package could send billions to Kentucky to improve highways, roads, bridges, broadband, airports and other things we use every day. Trump has spoken out against it because it would make Democrats look good, not because of any real reason. Even the Legislative Grim Reaper himself, who crushes hope for fun, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, supported it. But, guess who voted against it…

Thorn: Rand Paul

Rand Paul. Because of course he did. Anything that exits his mouth at this point is absurd. He’s just an obstructionist. That’s all. He’s a walking thorn in Kentucky’s side. 

Rose: Barstool Crackdown

Well, UofL has issued a statement to its athletes to cease participation with Barstool Sports. What is Barstool Sports? A pop culture blog run by a giant shit bag named Dave Portnoy who claims he is “uncancellable” after issues including sexist and racist comments in “comedy” videos surfaced this spring. The school advised students that using their name, image or likeness with Barstool doesn’t comply with rules laid out in an executive order from the governor or policies of the university. It looks as though, like most issues, the online commenters are split between “Barstool is garbage” and “Why do you hate athletes.” It seems pretty clear to me that not doing business with a person like Portnoy is pretty reasonable. So UofL, LEO is tossing you a rose for that, even if that wasn't your reasoning. Portnoy, if you have to put people down to be funny, chances are your jokes are trash, and you aren’t remotely funny.

Rose: Back To School

A preemptive rose to the parents who are sending their children back to school in appropriate masks and who have taken their eligible children to be vaccinated. Keeping our kids in school should be a priority but their safety, an even greater one. So for those parents who have done their duty to their children and for the rest of us...Thank you!  For those protesting mask mandates, go read this week’s Editor’s Note. It’s for you.