Your Voice: LEO Verse


LEO VERSE  |  LUCKY JIM  |  By Keith Welch

Poor Jim Ramsey’s unemployed but average earners spare your tears regard the severance he’s enjoyed you couldn’t earn it 10 years All it took was several scandals willing escorts and sombreros federal funds that were mishandled the disgrace felled him like a flaming arrow So farewell Jim, enjoy the cash at least you know what you will miss you and Bevin were bound to clash that’s one less ass you have to kiss

On HopCat expected to put squeeze on Bardstown Road parking

Might be a good thing. Only with congestion/scarcity of parking will we start to get to the critical mass where alternative transit options will be taken more seriously. —Steven Ward

Metro Louisville is simply inept at ingress/egress traffic flows and parking, so I find this ironic. It’s not incumbent on a private business to provide ample parking — it’s simple supply and demand. —Mark Palmer

People will figure it out. Large cities deal with this all the time. Lots of Chicken Littles making noise about nothing! —Garfield Nelson

Carpool, Uber, bus, bike, walk — so many options that can eliminate the possibility of making a terrible choice and getting behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated. —Mary Beth Brown

Louisville needs a light rail system. —Jeff Smith

This effing town and its stupid parking gripes. Walk or roll a little if you are able. It’s good for you! —Janice Childers

Bardstown Road needs a trolley hop system too. —Sarah Doran Mudd

Just read Kevin Gibson’s articles on HopCat, beer and such. Good stuff. I have an idea that may help the parking. Use your bully pulpit to get a brewpub into Fern Creek. Then all of us Creekers who crave a good beer will not have to drive so far and foul up the parking in The Highlands area ... —Murrell Kinkade

On Editor’s Note: Two American Bubbles

Excellent article. The Dems definitely don’t get things 100 percent correct. But I’ll take trying to tackle true issues over the bigotry and ignorance being perpetuated by [Donald] Trump and his folks. Facts always destroy their arguments, which they love to ignore ... We live in two Americas. One with hidden history absorbed by those who eat what they’re fed, and the real America. —James Penny