The Bar Belle - Gettin' Drunky in KY

This year, the annual Gettin’ Drunky in Kentucky pub crawl turns 5. As one of its founders (parents?), it makes me proud to see my baby all grown up. Well, he still stumbles and drools from time to time, but if you point him in the right direction, he’ll make it there, give or take a few spills. 

I know there’s a shit-ton happening this weekend. Trust me when I say you’ll have the most fun if you join us on our march down Baxter and Bardstown (from Outlook Inn to Bearno’s Highlands … that’s 14 bars, Math Wiz) in the name of no cover charges.

Here’s the 411: How much? — Free, unless you want a T-shirt ($10). When? — Saturday, Sept. 13, 7 p.m., Outlook Inn (916 Baxter Ave.). Why? — Because you believe you can actually out-drink me, and I’d like to prove you wrong … or take you home.

In honor of our fifth anniversary, I wanted to say something nice about each bar we stumble into along our journey. Thanks for putting up with us, if even for 15 minutes.

Outlook Inn — Diggin’ the remodeling. Still love your Bloody Marys.

Flanagan’s — You’ve got my Blueberry Ale on tap, sweet Jesus. Love tryin’ your new beers on Thursdays.

Dublin Cellar — Still remember those free Irish Car Bombs.

Molly Malone’s — Your outside patio is heaven on a hot day.

O’Shea’s — Your cheese balls are the bomb — as are your beer selection and waitstaff.

Versatile — Looking forward to meeting you.

Wick’s — Thanks for keeping prices low and beer cold.

Cahoots — Keep it dark, boys. Keep it cool.

BW3’s — Spicy Garlic is the best.

Akiko’s — I sang. I sucked. I conquered.

NV Tavern — Jo makes the best bourbon sweet teas! Have ’em ready, girl.

Highlands Taproom — Where’d my mug go?

The Back Door — My second home. Dibs on the couch.

Bearno’s Highlands — Land ahoy! Good ’za, good beer.

I suggest training now … get that tolerance in shape! Questions? E-mail me at
[email protected]