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On racial justice in louisville in black and white

... The idea of social justice is inherently a horrible idea. Once you put the word social in front of the word justice, justice now has a different meaning ... Social justice is providing justice to a group of people at the expense of an individuals rights ... Social justice is more concerned about the equality of outcome over the idea of equality of opportunity ... I think racism is an evil thing, and I don’t deny that there are people out there who are racists. I would like to help, but I find it hard to support a movement that is not welcoming to all people who want to help ... —Neil Patrick

You’re a straight, white cis man. There will always be “social justice warriors” because they fight for the oppressed. You are either an ally or an obstacle. It is not about you and your little feelings. Cry some more. —Shevonda Chenelle

I am a straight, white cis man. Does that mean that my point of view should not be heard, and that I have nothing to offer to the conversation of racism? Also lets add the “straight white cis male” to my list of terms used to make sure opposing views are not heard. —Neil Patrick

On Shane Peabody Powell: Voting Hillary, fuck the noise

Hillary [Clinton] will stab Shane in the back with a knife called the [Trans-Pacific Partnership]. Clinton is more dangerous than [Donald] Trump. Yes, she is. Ergo, it’s #JillOrBust. —Victor Tiffany

... Trump is more dangerous than Hillary, on every possible issue. If Clinton is elected, the most important thing that will happen is the nomination of a progressive-leaning judge to replace Scalia, and probably one or two more before 2020 ... Then, starting as soon as Nov. 3, get to work on doing the same to the Dems and Clinton, making a real third party option viable for 2020, be it with the Greens, or even, dare I say it, a new Social-Democratic Party...—Frederic Jobin

All you have to do is ask yourself, do you really want a mad man (Trump) in control of the nuclear arsenal of the United States? —Serafina Schuening

And if he loses big enough, maybe the Democrats will take [Congress], and she can actually deliver on some of those campaign promises. —Matt Russell

Great column, Shane Peabody: wildly rational. —Jane Foushee


A story Aug. 3 about UofL President James Ramsey’s staff incorrectly stated the month Neville Pinto was named interim provost. He took the role last spring, though his employment agreement was signed in October and retroactive to July.